Marc Hall, about to haave his mind blown at a Janelle Monae concert

Marc Kevin Hall

Who I Am and What I Do

Hi, my name’s Marc Kevin Hall. I am — among other things — a writer. To keep a roof over my head I write documentation and communication materials for a behavioral healthcare software company; I also write a wide variety of other things — from essays to short stories to horrible poetry (to entertain the world).

This portal functions as a simple introduction to my digital presence. Selected personal and professional links are also provided for your convenience (and should more detailed information be required).

However, it’s entirely possible that you are looking for a different Marc Kevin Hall. The world’s a big place; someone undoubtedly shares my name, probably several someones. There's a fellow in Canada who made a name for himself as a prom queen, there's a country musician, and a baseball pitcher. To find out if I’m your old boss, or was in your band, or you heard me on NPR, or wrote that story about the cats, here’s a relatively brief bit of biography to help you settle that question.

Want more information? It’s easy to reach me via email or LinkedIn, or you can leave me a message at 240-244-7959.

Whatever the reason, thanks for stopping by!